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2021 Sees the Hardening Market Continue

Conditions in the property insurance market continue to be as difficult as they have been for a generation, making our message to clients difficult to hear.


For some time now we have had to convey, sometimes distressing, messages  to our clients, such as…

  • Significant reductions in insurer capacity and appetite for risk
  • Sizeable increases in premium
  • Considerable increases in the excesses and deductibles
  • A narrowing of coverage that insurers are prepared to provide
  • More extensive information required in respect of a property’s construction, operation, protection, and exposure

…and unfortunately the situation is not improving as we move into 2021.


FirstPort Insurance Services is working hard on your behalf by…

  • Early discussions with the current insurer to understand their appetite for your risk and assess if alternative insurers would be provide a better solution; because of the conditions the appetite for residential real estate apartment blocks is minimal and insurers are NOT looking to take on new business at this time, it is key that we have your current insurer on board at the renewal
  • Undertaking a grounds up review on those buildings that have placement problems, e.g. EWS1 A3, B1 or B2 certificates and providing a forensic analysis focussed on the positives in in the story, as it is very much a telling a story to the insurer
  • Leveraging the scale of placement we have with leading insurers in the UK market
  • Working closely with our client’s to make sure we have all the information we need in advance of the renewal
  • Working with the insurers in terms of the claims that are being submitted to identify trends, e.g. push fit plumbing failures within a single apartment block so that the rest of the plumbing in that block can be checked to prevent further claims
  • Making sure that any risk improvements that the insurer has specified are actioned accordingly


Information to help insurers assess risk

Technical data about the property will help insurers understand and apply fair and appropriate terms.  For example,

  • Age and height of the building
  • Construction of the building, details of materials used, including any cladding and insulation; particularly if the materials are combustible –
  • If combustibles present –  the EWS1 status, Fire Risk Assessments, Façade and Intrusive surveys, status with any BSF application, remedial plans
  • Type of occupation, e.g. residential, commercial units
  • Intruder/fire alarm specifications
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Processes
  • Hazards
  • Evidence of current fixed wiring/electrical installation inspections


FirstPort Insurance Services by working closely with our clients and insurers will ensure the best possible property insurance cover and terms are placed.