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What is a broker?

What is a broker and why should I use one?

By definition, an insurance broker is: “a person or company registered as an adviser on matters of insurance and as an arranger of insurance cover with an insurer on behalf of a client.” So why should you use one? Here are some top tips why you should:

  • A professional firm, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • They find suitable insurance protection for their clients
  • Buying through a broker does not necessarily mean higher premiums
  • A broker will help you choose the cover that is right for you
  • Don’t purchase on cost alone, know what you are covered for and what is excluded
  • Cheap premiums usually lead to low cover. Higher premiums lead to higher cover
  • Tell the broker what you want and they will do the ‘leg work’ for you
  • A broker can guide you through making a claim
  • What is the point of purchasing insurance if it doesn’t cover the items you want it to