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What is Trace and Access?

Trace and access cover is only operative if there has been water damage to the structure of the property caused by a leaking pipe or apparatus (such as a boiler/washing machine/dishwasher) and the property requires works to repair the water damage (such as painting, papering, replacement of plasterboard walls, etc).

What is Trace and Access?

Under the above circumstances, trace and access would pay for works to be carried out to find the source of the leak and to reinstate the property following the repair to the leak. The policy will not pay out for the repair to the leaking item.

To give an example, if a pipe running through a concrete floor were to leak and cause damage to the ceiling of the flat below then trace and access would pay for the digging up of the concrete floor and for the relaying of the concrete floor but would not pay to repair the pipe running through the floor.

In addition, the policy would pay for the water damage caused to the flat below, subject to the policy excess.

If no water damage to the property has occurred then trace and access cover does not apply.

In summary Trace and Access does cover:

  • The plumber/builders time in locating the leak and removing walls/floors etc to find the leak
  • The materials used in the reinstatement of the walls/floors etc following repair of the leak

Trace and Access does not cover:

  • The repair of the pipe or leaking apparatus (materials and labour)
  • Trace and Access where no resultant water damage to the building has occurred
  • Trace and Access of gas leaks or other smells
  • Locating roof Leaks